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We Deliver Outcomes
We Deliver Outcomes

The Stellix Global Services Difference

Manufacturers, whether early or later stage, who are not focused on a cohesive strategy across physical and digital operations will be left behind.  Organizations often experience a strategic, philosophical, or organizational divide across these domains. Our team of experts across the physical and digital plant can tie it all together, serving as catalyst across organizations, and as the glue to connect business strategy to the people and processes across physical and digital domains.   
Our customers are making shifts from older legacy manufacturing technology not designed for a digital age.  We work with customers at every stage of maturity, paying close attention to their current technology landscape and digital and organizational maturity. We’ve developed expertise in proven paths and practices to help them make these changes, which go well beyond technology implementation and integration and include digitization and data strategies, people and process changes, and new service models. 
We believe that the best ideas are found amongst the rich ecosystem of thought across the corner office and the shop floor and their technology and service partners.  We often find ourselves fostering a collaborative, transparent culture and making the connections that deliver on a sum greater than its parts.    
Other providers may deploy technology solutions – Stellix Global Services makes sure they stick.  In our book a poor experience with technology equates to low adoption and ROI and undermines sustainable business outcomes.  We combine technology solutions with a deep understanding of process and people to create a great experience.    

Our Services:

Stellix Global Services offers solutions and engineering support in many areas of Manufacturing Operations Management including MES, Scheduling, Parameter and Knowledge Management. As new outcomes and technology offerings emerge, we are your experts to put these together to achieve business results.

From designing material movement works, process record execution, or even how to integrate decisions from separate third party systems across your enterprise into your manufacturing operations systems, we have you covered with experts that have been delivering these results for Life Sciences clients in a GMP environment for 15 years.

Stellix Global Services offers end-to-end capabilities for IT/OT design and build, and a broad portfolio of services vital to user experience and operational certainty across the technology lifecycle.  With user adoption and business ROI in mind, the IT/OT team at Stellix Global Services is here to help 24/7/365 through capital projects, long-term maintenance agreements, and managed services subscriptions.

Our suite of cyber security offers can greatly bolster your defense-in-depth strategy, while our remote monitoring and operational managed services engagements can directly contribute to your business initiatives for cost savings and optimized productivity.  Whether it be cloud architectures or on-prem IT/OT assets, we are always there when you need us!

Our services include:
  • Digital Stack Lifecycle Support
  • IT/OT Managed Services
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Digital Operations Run Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Control and Operator Performance
  • Adoption and Training Services
  • PaaS Subscriptions 
Digital, Data & Analytics offers services to our customers through a variety of data and analytics platforms and cutting edge technologies to enable a digitally driven smart manufacturing enterprise. We turn your data into a business asset through IIoT, contextualization and the design and support of connected data and analytics platforms. We employ AI transformation and Machine learning concepts to enable predictive maintenance and monitoring and real-time decision-making based on very large data sets.

Our Digital, Data, and Analytics team has experience in multiple industries including life sciences, oil & gas, food and beverage, power, and specialty chemical.
Stellix Global Services can help you collect, connect, and contextualize data across the manufacturing enterprise and beyond, and facilitate and automate decisions. Digital Business Transformation consulting services are available through our sister company ZAETHER.

Our cross-industry solution development consultants can survey and evaluate your current systems and design the best strategy and solutions for achieving your production, energy, reliability, safety, and sustainability goals.

We perform technology strategies and selection, conduct feasibility studies, and work with customers to draft and support effective funding requests for projects.

Stellix Global Services uses the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality automation solutions to drive business results.

We are experts on the DeltaV DCS platform and work with DCS vendors such as Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, and Yokogawa. We can optimize your DCS for performance, reliability, and security.  We have core knowledge of PLCs and SCADA systems from vendors such as Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider, GE, Ignition, and Wonderware. As experts in batch automation for GMP and non-GMP applications, we can help you meet regulatory standards, improve product quality, and save time and resources. Let us help you integrate your various automation systems, control your processes remotely, and collect and analyze data for operational improvements such as process optimization, de-bottlenecking, and cost reduction.

I&C Engineering offers services for industrial control systems and components, custom control system solutions, control panel design service, control system migrations, E&I vendor scope management, site-level I&C oversight, management, and support, and commissioning and startup support. We cater to both Capital and Operating needs and work across any control system platform.

Customer Outcomes

Chemical company future-proofs OEE across multiple global sites

A global chemical company wanted improvements to their OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) reporting process to support the manufacturing of a new product across multiple manufacturing sites. A replacement of a proprietary legacy system for data capture and reporting was implemented across a few test sites using an advanced process analytics OEE solution. Though pleased with the initial results, the customer did not have the bandwidth to refine, scale, and package the solution for future implementations. This job was brought to Stellix Global Services by our sister company ZAETHER. With competencies that matched the company’s own experts, Stellix Global Services standardized and improved data capture efficiency, developed improvements to OEE specificity, and provided documentation in support of future line additions. The internal owner of the project and the sponsor eliminated technical debt and gained a powerful tool for driving continuous improvement in manufacturing processes across current and future sites.  

Cell and Gene Therapy Company Seeks OT Security and Achieves Much More

A company in the business of accelerating process development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies needed world-class security for OT and Control System environments.  Stellix Global Services was able to identify and implement the Dragos OT cybersecurity platform to meet these needs and beyond by providing OT asset management, HVAC system security, and enhanced incidence response.  Our combination of technology know-how and managed services capabilities provided a broad operational solution and great experience.

Comprehensive Solutions for Northeast Battery Recycler's New Facility

Stellix Global Services partnered with a global lithium-ion battery recycling company constructing a new, state-of-the-art facility. Using cutting-edge technological processes, this facility will return valuable materials from end-of-life lithium-ion battery cells back into the supply chain.

Stellix Global Services internalized the goals and vision for this project and developed a custom, outcome-based solution of process technologies, control systems, and data processing. This allows for the capture and contextualization of data to provide actionable insights that empowers operators to intelligently, safely, and reliably manage their facility.